Medical Devices

Indonesia is a flourishing high-growth market for both global and local medical device manufacturers. There is intense competition for best-in-class executive talent, especially across sales and marketing.

According to the Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry, SE Asia is a major focus for medical device businesses. In Indonesia alone the medical device market is worth nearly US $1 billion. The vast majority of devices are imported and produced by foreign manufacturers.

Indonesia as the 4th largest country in the world in terms of population and with a quickly increasing middle-class population is seeing more disposable income and a greater focus on healthcare.

Indonesian hospitals are becoming modern and in-line with international standards, providing high class medical services, products and advice - people no longer feel the need to go to Singapore or Malaysia for treatment.

Also sicknesses and diseases usually associated with Western nations are on the increase in SE Asia. Indonesia now ranks in the top 10 nations for diabetes.

As such Medical Device manufacturers are all increasing their presence in the country and looking to expand on product sales.

ProCapita has performed a significant number of hires for Medical Device firms, particularly for Country Heads and senior executives in the Sales and Marketing function.

We can assist in the following areas:

  • Medical Device leadership
  • Medical Device Sales and Marketing
  • Private Equity funds investing into Medical Device businesses