Transportation & Logistics

Indonesia's Transportation and Logistics sector is currently recording strong double digit annual growth.

Domestic purchasing power is rising leading to increased demands for products across the whole archipelago.


Road transportation accounts for the vast majority of people movement (approx. 80%) and freight movement (approx. 70%). There remains a significant need for road development and improvement.


Indonesia's aviation industry is booming. The archipelago’s vast island geography gives air transportation a natural advantage over road and rail, and rising personal incomes allow a growing part of the population to fly.


Efficient railway connections are pivotal to unlocking the full potential of Indonesia's economy. The government sees railroad development as a crucial part of its infrastructure plan.


Indonesia is made up of over 17,500 islands, with over 6,000 being inhabited. As such the country is dependent on strong maritime links for domestic and international trade. Shipping is expected to see continued strong growth.

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