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ProCapita's objective is to make Executive Recruitment simple.

We are specialists in Executive Search for the Indonesia market and have completed hundreds of Head Hunter assignments from the CEO & Board of Director level down to Manager level.

The majority of hiring that we perform is either confidential in nature and/or requires a very specific type of professional, as such we identify candidates using direct approaches (headhunting).

As a HR Consultant, we work for both Local and Multinational corporations, big and small. Our market leading Professional Network allows us to react very quickly to a Clients requirements; our team is highly experienced completing executive recruitment for all industry sectors and job functions.

ProCapita is focused on Action and Delivery, we don’t rest until our clients are happy. Our mission is to build long term partnerships.

Our Executive Search Process

As a HR Consultant at Day 1 we listen to a clients needs, ask smart questions, and establish exactly what type of professional(s) our Client seeks;

  • The skills required
  • The experience needed
  • The personality desired

Once the assignment is clear we immediately commence Talent Pool Long-Listing:

  • We analyse competitors
  • We think out of the box - if the industry specific talent pool is limited we will search for people with the right skills but working in different industry sectors
  • We IDENTIFY the Executives

Once the talent pool is established we commence dialogue with all targeted professionals;

  • We approach the individuals and effectively market our Client and the role
  • We establish if the person is a "fit" with our Clients needs
  • We EXCITE the Executives

Once we have commenced an assignment we aim to start submitting the resumes of qualified and interested candidates within 7 days;

  • The Client reviews the Candidate profiles submitted & requests any additional information about individuals
  • The Client then selects Candidates to be interviewed
  • ProCapita manages all interview scheduling

Once our Client selects a preferred executive, we commence the final stage of the Recruitment process - References, Offer & Negotiation:

  • We perform reference checks
  • We gather the documents required to illustrate the individuals current compensation
  • We handle the negotiation of Offer Terms, based on our Clients instructions
  • We SECURE the Executive

Once the offer letter is signed, we maintain frequent communication with the executive until employment start date: 

  • We advise the individual throughout the resignation process and maintain their motivation
  • We act as the Clients eyes and ears, looking for any signs of trouble, such as counter-offer situations
  • We continue to keep in contact with the executive during the first weeks of their new role
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