Indonesia Executive Recruitment – Why Many Companies Fail

Indonesia Executive Recruitment

Are you a Hiring Manager suffering from major Indonesia Executive Recruitment Pain 🤬?

Have you been trying to catch a Much Needed Lion 🦁…

But instead you are left Roaring in the Rain ⛈️?

If so, this Article is for You ⚡.

I apologise in advance – but based on my many years of experience as a Senior Indonesia Executive Recruitment Headhunter

When a company is failing to secure an Elite Leader, failing to catch a Lion 🦁…

99% of the time Responsibility sits snugly at the feet of the Hiring Manager themselves 🎯.

My Number 1️⃣ Piece of Advice to any Hiring Manager, to ensure a Successful Indonesia Executive Recruitment Process:

So, How do Hiring Managers Get it So Wrong

When it comes to Indonesia Executive Recruitment & Making Their Key Hires of Value?

C Level Recruitment is All About Catching a Lion - To be Successful You Must Think Like A Lion
C Level Recruitment is All About Catching a Lion – To be Successful You Must Think Like A Lion

This is my RunDown of the Biggest Mistakes 💥 that I see Hiring Managers

Continually make during an Indonesia Executive Recruitment Process:

They sit and hide comfortably in their Ivory Tower 🏰

They want to make a key hire, they know that it is critical, but they prefer to focus on “their day to day” business.

So they totally disconnect themselves 🚀 from the underlying Executive Recruitment Process.

I always find this super Odd — as what is more Important than Hiring A Quarterback 🏈 for your Team?

If you want to get things right, if you don’t want to Waste Your Time, make yourself available to HR and the Executive Recruitment Headhunter.

Please Give Us with Your thoughts, immerse Us in your mind 🧠.

Totally delegate to Inexperienced Young HR Professionals 👦🏽👧🏽

They provide a few comments, quickly sign-off on a JD.

And then they expect a young HR professional to be able to read their mind and establish the details ✍🏽…

To be able to translate their inner thoughts to the Executive Recruitment Headhunter who then swiftly delivers exactly what is needed 🎯.

They think “that young HR will talk to me, will ask questions when they need”…

Don’t appreciate that a young HR professional will often be nervous or scared to approach them, a C-Level Leader.

That they certainly won’t feel comfortable Offloading any form of reality check 💡.

Fail to realise HR are experts in HR, not a member of their specialist team ⚡

They naively assume that everyone understands their teams exact scope of work. What it is they actually do.

Assume that everyone must know what it is they specifically need.

By being weak on initial details, by creating an invincible HR Wall between themselves and the Executive Recruitment Headhunter, by choosing to hide in their Ivory Tower 🏰…

It just creates chaos, everyone has to make assumptions.

Time is wasted chasing Tigers 🐯 when a totally different animal is required 🦁.

Are short-sighted, focus Only on the Cost to Hire vs ROI and Go Cheap 🍟

They know that the cost of the Executive Recruitment Process will sit on their P&L 💵.

So they think “let’s save some money on the process, maximise my year end bonus” 💰.

In turn, they opt to use the services of a low cost recruitment agency and appoint inexperienced junior recruiters…

To go Hunt the King of the Jungle 🦁.

They Fail to think Big Picture.

Totally forget that a Great Hire will generate a far bigger ROI 📈 than an Average Hire…

That a Far Bigger Bonus is just a little further down the line 💰.  IF they get the hire Right.     

Use the Totally Wrong Type of “Recruiter” for their Key Hire of Value 🥇

They blindly use the services of a Low Cost Recruitment Agency 🍟 camouflaged under the linguistic disguise of “Headhunter”.

Instead of appointing, on an Exclusive Basis, a Proper real McCoy Executive Search Headhunter Firm 🎯 which will get the job done efficiently, in a targeted way 🥷🏻.

They fail to realise that Recruitment Agencies are great for Volume Hiring at the Mid and Junior Levels but are Totally Inappropriate at the Senior Level ❌.


Because Recruitment Agencies focus on publicly broadcasting 📢 your opportunity to the world via Social Media and Job Board Ads.

Therefore Recruitment Agencies simply – but quickly – access Active Job Seeker Candidates that “Click Apply”.

BUT if the Hire is Senior and for 1 moment you think that the Right Candidate is maybe Happily Employed….

Then You Need the Services of a Real Executive Recruitment Headhunter Firm 💼…

An old school Headhunter Company like ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia, is your weapon of choice for a Key Hire of Value.

We go Door to Door 🚪, work quietly behind the scenes, Discreetly Approach and Directly promote your vacancy to All the Right people.

99% of our hires involve Passive Candidates, people that are happily employed.

We excite them, bring them forward for interview and effectively manage them during the process ✅.

Don’t think enough about their Corporate Image 💎

If you are using a Low Cost Recruitment Agency 🍟 to market your Key Hire of Value… Online, via Social Media and Job Board Ads 📢…

Or worse, using multiple young “Recruiters” to literally bomb 💣 the market at the same time with details of your senior vacancy…

If you are using Young “recruiters” to promote your corporate brand, to verbally snare your senior Lion 🦁…

Come on, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to realise that it does Not sell “Exclusive Opportunity” BUT Smells “Cheap as Chips” 🍟.

Any senior Lion will run a mile 🏃🏽♀️.

Why would they want to associate with a Firm that tries to hire its Leading Quarterbacks 🏈 in such a Tacky Manner?  

Are Just Too Busy, Everything Else is the Priority 🏃🏽

They want to hire, they know they must hire BUT they simply can’t prioritise Interviews.

For instance book candidate meetings and cancel shortly beforehand – because of an “Urgent item”.

Or schedule a coffee ☕ but turn up an hour late.

In essence, they naively think that they are in Total Control 💯%.

They fail to realise that at the senior level an interview is between a Lion 🦁 and a Lion 🦁.  

Yes sure, as the Hiring Manager you are clearly more experienced, You are the King of the Pride

But you are dealing with another Lion, disrespect won’t be tolerated, they will simply bound away.     

Are Just Too Slow, Everything Else is the Priority 🐢

They think that the world can wait, that everything revolves around them 🌏.

Great CV’s sit in their Inbox Unread.

Finally opened and reviewed many days or weeks later 🥱.

Things change fast in Executive Recruitment and a senior candidates motivations can be turned off 📴 in a flash.

The moment that a senior candidate gets a whiff in the air 👃🏽 that they are Not deemed a priority… they will turn and stride away.

Dream about Something That They Simply Can’t Afford 💎

They believe that if they keep looking hard enough 🔎 that eventually they will find a Ferrari with a Special 50% Discount.

That they will find a 1 of a Kind Multicolored Unicorn 🦄 And Cheap…

Someone Truly Brilliant but on a salary far lower than they are actually worth… A salary that they can afford to pay.

The fact is most people are paid in the ballpark of what they are actually worth 🎯.

So this mentality, this dreaming, just wastes a lot of time.

Much better – have a reality check early on, adjust your requirements where you can. So that you can secure the very best talent possible for what you can actually afford 🥈.

Choose to “Play Low Ball” and Go Tight at Offer Stage 🍟

They have finally found the Right Person 🦁, they know how much they get paid…

But provide an initial offer that is equal to the persons current compensation… Or with a negligible 1-5% uplift.

Even worse – and yes we do see this – the offer is less than their current compensation 💣.

They beam proudly “But it is all about the Great Opportunity that We are Gifting You! Where this will Take You!”.

Totally fail to appreciate that the person is comfortably employed, values themselves highly 🪙…

And quite simply requires a Logical Uplift to know that the new firm is committed and takes them seriously.

That they need to conclude the move “Makes Sense” 🎯.  

When sat Overseas totally Ignore the fact that Fixed Monthly Cash Allowances in Indonesia = Fixed Basic Salary 💵

They focus their offer On and Around Basic Salary Uplift alone.

Treat Fixed Monthly Cash Allowances or the Value of Car Ownership Programme’s as items to be blindly Ignored 😎.

In the process they present senior candidates with Offers that Make Absolutely No Sense at a Bigger Picture Level ❌.

The Local Lions are left highly bemused and utterly flabbergasted.      

Just take far too Long to Issue Paperwork 📄

They leave the star candidate 🦁 with no official paperwork for weeks on end…

Blame internal process and internal hurdles that need to be jumped 🦘.

The Lion can Not Sign & Resign ❌.

Things appear utterly unprofessional…

They get Cold Feet and abort 🥶.

Stop Communicating after Paperwork is signed ✈️

Often at the senior level there is a 3 month Notice Period that a candidate has to work through.

That’s a HECK of a LONG Time and A LOT CAN GO WRONG.

If the Final Offer is “OK’ but certainly “Not Great”.

Or if the Financial Negotiation was just plain “Brutal” — the new Firm approached it like a Christmas Sale 🎄 seeking out the cheapest deal possible.

If paperwork was “Messy” and took Forever 🥱.

… And then the new Boss has drifted off into space, did Not keep in touch…

Well it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to realise that an “OK Counter-Offer” will likely push them off the Edge 🚀.

And then you are Straight Back To Stage 1️⃣

ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia
ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia – Your Trusted Partner for Any Senior Hire of Value

For companies that are looking to make a Senior Appointment in Indonesia, please have a look at This Article which provides an overview about ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia’s Executive Recruitment Service & How We Work.

Similarly, please have a look at This Article which summarises our Executive Recruitment Headhunter Tips for how to successfully handle C-Level Hiring in Indonesia.

At ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia we dig very deep for our client firms >>> to Unearth, Excite and Secure special Leadership Talent: The Lions 🦁.

Unfortunately, many things during an Indonesia Executive Recruitment process remain Totally Out of our Hands 🙌🏻.

I hope that with my advice above, Hiring Managers will be better equipped to throw the net firm and strong; snare a Lion 🏆.

If you are a Company that needs to make a Hire of Value 🥇, where Only The Best Will Do and the people of most interest are likely Passive Candidates happily employed…

If you require total Confidentiality and Discretion and wish to work with Highly Experienced real McCoy Indonesia Executive Recruitment Specialists 💼 >>>

Please Contact UsProCapita “Professional Capital” 🎯- Indonesia’s Premier Executive Recruitment Agency 🏆.

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James Umpleby, MD & Owner of ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia - C Level Executive Recruitment Experts
James Umpleby, MD & Owner of ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia – C Level Executive Recruitment Experts
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