Oil & Gas

Headhunter Experts for Oil & Gas in Indonesia.

Since 2014 we have completed hundreds of Executive Search Recruitment hires for the Natural Resources sector.

As Jakarta based Headhunter Consultants we assist MNC and Local businesses; Exploration, Production, Supply Chain.

Our Executive Search Recruiters work across all job functions for Oil & Gas; at the C-level down to the Manager level.

Oil was first discovered in Indonesia in North Sumatra in 1885 and since then has become an essential driver of the economy, particularly in regards to exports.

Indonesia was ranked as the world's 22nd largest producer of oil in 2014, accounting for about 1% of global production.

Natural gas is becoming increasingly important to Indonesia, with production growing by more than 11% between 2000 and 2013.

Indonesia possesses the world's 13th largest natural gas reserve & was the fifth largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas in 2014.

Our Executive Search Recruiter Network covers all relevant talent.

We work as a Headhunter Agency for:

  • Upstream - Exploration & Production
  • Mid-stream - Gathering, Transportation, Processing & Storage
  • Downstream - Refining & Marketing
  • Service Providers & Supply Chain Firms
  • Country Head & CxO Leadership
  • Sales, Marketing, Digital, Finance, Legal, HR, Strategy, Operations, Technology, Procurement, Project Management
  • Senior Engineering & Technical Positions
  • Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing