Power & Utilities

Indonesia is a huge country, spread over a vast archipelago of more than 14,700 islands, and the population is actively growing. As such one of the biggest challenges for the government is to ensure stable and readily available power and utilities.

Demand often outweighs capacity and black-outs remain quite common.

Developing Indonesia’s power and utilities infrastructure is a core government initiative, with substantial investment being made in projects nationwide. Together with state owned enterprises, the private sector is playing a significant role in the power and utilities sector, both in terms of construction projects and the financing of such projects.

The private sector, when involved in power and utilities projects, faces various challenges in terms of regulatory, technical, socio-economic and cultural but slowly the market is becoming more accessible.

Indonesia represents a major investment opportunity for both domestic and international power and utilities companies and investors. Among Indonesian infrastructure opportunities, power remains highly attractive.

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