Real Estate & Construction

Headhunter Experts for Real Estate & Construction in Indonesia. We are 100% Talent Pool Mapped.

Since 2014 we have completed a significant number of Executive Search Recruitment hires for the local Real Estate & Construction sector.

As Jakarta based Headhunter Consultants we assist MNC and Local businesses; Developers, Managers, Advisory Firms & Building Material Producers.

Our Executive Search Recruiters work across all job functions; at the C-level down to the Manager level.

Real Estate & Construction is playing an increasingly important role in the Indonesian economy - it's growth is outpacing that of GDP.

Real Estate Developers and Suppliers of building materials are in a prime position to capitalise on the country's booming market and the government's commitment to develop and improve infrastructure.

Mid and long term prospects are promising as property prices in Indonesia are still among the cheapest in the SE Asia region.

The sector benefits from increasing demand from a large and young population that is looking to buy their first home, greater urbanization and a general desire for higher living standards.

Focus is starting to shift from the Greater Jakarta region to other tier 1 cities such as Surabaya, Medan and Bandung.

Our Executive Search Recruiter Network covers all relevant talent.

We work as a Headhunter Agency for:

  • Real Estate / Property Developers:
    • Commercial, Industrial, Logistics & Residential
  • Real Estate / Property Operators & Managers
  • Real Estate / Property Advisory Firms
  • Architecture & Interior Design Consultancies
  • Building Material / Cement Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Logistics & Warehousing Businesses
  • Country Head & C Suite Leadership
  • Sales, Marketing, Digital, Finance, Legal, HR, Strategy, Operations, Technology
  • Factory Plant Management, Quality Control
  • Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing, Supply Chain, Procurement
  • Senior Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Project Managers