Candidate – Working With A Headhunter

Candidate Hiring Process

When a company needs to hire a Senior Executive they will often use the services of a Headhunter Agency. The headhunters job is to identify all potentially relevant professionals for their client vacancy. After that, they shall approach each Candidate and fully introduce the job opportunity. If a candidate is qualified and interested, the headhunter will send the persons CV to their client. The headhunter will then manage the entire hiring process.

Items that will help an Executive Candidate to Maximise their Chance for Success

  • Communicate with the Headhunter clearly and in a timely manner. Companies expect a candidate to be excited and move quickly. If you are interested in the role, let the Headhunter know within a few days and submit your CV.
  • Make sure that your Resume is 100% accurate, that all information presented is valid and up to date. To create a strong, professional Resume / CV please follow the steps discussed Here.
  • In addition, update Your Resume for the specific job that you are applying to. It should showcase all your skills and experiences that are of most relevance to that job. Therefore, take the 30 minutes needed to edit your Resume, to highlight why you are a great fit for that particular position.
  • Check and reply your Email and WhatsApp regularly. This is often how a Headhunter or client company will reach you to schedule interviews, provide feedback, discuss next steps. If you suddenly stop communicating or go off-line for long periods, companies will lose interest. It presents a negative image regarding your professionalism.
  • Replying to say that you are no longer interested or have changed your mind, is much better than saying nothing. At least everything is clear and the Headhunter can then manage its client effectively. At ProCapita we will always continue to update a candidate on future opportunities that we are working on.
Always be honest and transparent, don’t exaggerate
  • It is essential to present yourself in the best way possible, to provide a positive strong image. Similarly, never go over-board, only say what is genuine and accurate.
  • Be on-time and dress appropriately for interview. Do not look to reschedule at short notice. Companies want to hire an executive candidate that is professional. Someone that will help lead their business. The image you present at interview will be critical to any hiring decision.
  • If a candidate is late, cancels an interview at short-notice, dresses in the wrong way, it will present a negative image.
Candidate Success
  • Do your Research. When interviewing a candidate a company expects that the person knows about their organisation. In addition, understands the nature of the role that they have applied for and has thought through the opportunity.
  • Interviewers also expect a candidate to Ask Smart Questions. Being prepared shows that you are genuinely interested. Please see this Article for more guidance.
  • Be confident and provide clear answers. Above all, an Executive Candidate is being hired to make a difference to a business, often to lead others. Interviewers expect candidates to be confident, well seasoned professionals, able to give clear, full answers. Similarly, to present an aura of leadership.
  • If asked a question and you need time to think, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a few moments to compose your thoughts. You can then reply in a clear and strong manner.
At the Offer stage, provide full and detailed information about your current compensation. Always state facts and give exact details
  • When a company wishes to hire an executive they will need to prepare a financial Offer.
  • To structure a candidate offer, a company will need to know about the persons current income details. This includes all cash and non-cash benefits.
  • Therefore, please take the time to detail all information fully. If you fail to tell the Headhunter about an element of your current compensation you can not expect the company to cover this off in their offer to you.
  • Companies will also ask for proof of current compensation data – this is very normal in Indonesia. Seeing a copy of Pay-slips is the most common way for a company to verify your current compensation data.
  • It is essential that when asked about your current compensation you only state facts.
  • Be realistic on your compensation expectations. When an executive candidate takes on a new role at a new company, their motivations should be many. These include career growth, new challenges, personal development, long term career planning etc.
Improved financial reward, whilst a motivator for many, should Not be the sole or primary objective for changing jobs
  • Once at the offer stage a company may directly ask you if you have any compensation expectations. There are 2 choices here and both are acceptable:
  • 1) Keep things flexible, say that you prefer the company to present its views on fair compensation based on the role and your circumstances. Then discuss / negotiate if necessary.
  • 2) If you have set expectations in your mind make these clear. But make sure they are reasonable and realistic. Be warned, if you are too “aggressive” regarding compensation expectations, just to see “what’s possible”, there is a good chance the company will walk away.
  • If you do wish to state compensation expectations / or to negotiate once an offer is received. Our advice is:
  • 1) Always manage such discussions through the Headhunter rather than directly with the company – as it is very sensitive. We don’t want the wrong impression to be made.
  • 2) In addition, make sure that you have excellent logic and reasoning for anything that you ask for. If requests do not make sense… do not expect a business to be understanding.
  • ProCapita always provides independent advice to executive candidates, letting them know our thoughts and opinions at this sensitive stage in the process. We provide a heads-up if we feel expectations are not aligned to market, or at risk of causing a negative impression.
Be clear about when you shall resign. Stay strong during the resignation process
  • Once you have made the decision to join a new company, stick by your decision. Fix a date to resign from your current employer. A good idea is to plan in advance what you want to say when resigning.
  • Submitting your resignation can be stressful, it can be emotional. You may even receive a counter-offer from your current employer as they do not want to lose you.
  • It is essential that you stay strong and remember all of the very good reasons for why you have accepted the new job opportunity. Stand your ground and proceed forward.
  • Please review this Article for more information on how to handle the resignation process.
  • New jobs provide a fantastic environment for personal growth and career development. Whilst change can be uncomfortable, it is through change that we develop. Therefore, once you have made a commitment to join a new company, stick by your words and stay confident that you are doing the right thing.
  • As Headhunters we will be there to help guide and support throughout the resignation and notice period.

As Executive Recruiters for the Indonesia market, we are very aware that every hiring process is highly unique. These are just a few ways that a Candidate can help themselves to achieve a successful outcome when applying for a new job via a Headhunter Agency.

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