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Executive Search describes the bespoke recruitment process that a company undertakes to locate and then hire its senior level executive talent. It typically refers to recruitment at the Board of Director or C-Level. In most cases a company will use the services of a specialist Executive Search Agency to help facilitate such a key hire.

That’s because Executive Search is complicated! It’s all about people – and very senior people at that. Each person – both on the client side and candidate side – has their own personality, thoughts, emotions, priorities and decision making. As a consequence, an Executive Search process can involve a lot of uncertainty.

For a successful result, both the company that is looking to make the hire and the senior candidate that is chosen, must come away happy.

As Indonesia Executive Search Specialists, our objective is clear. We work relentlessly to find superior professionals for each and every client partner that we assist. Our mission is to identify, excite and secure those game-changing candidates that possess all the magical ingredients needed.

Our Process as Executive Search Consultants for Indonesia

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” Steve Jobs

A common misconception locally is that Executive Recruiters only care about the client. For ProCapita this is totally untrue. Because to achieve success we know that “both sides of the coin” must be happy with the outcome.

A great quality hire only takes place when both the client and the executive candidate that is hired are satisfied. From this, an excellent working partnership can develop. Above all, the true sign of success is an executive candidate that stays with a client business for years to come.

Similarly, a weak hire is where there is a mismatch between a client and the executive candidate that is hired. The relationship does not develop and lasts only a short period of time.

Our success is determined by the quality of the hires that we facilitate

When undertaking an Executive Search a company naturally wants to hire the very best talent possible. At the same time top executives seek career growth, development and recognition for what they bring to the table.

Executive Search Indonesia
At ProCapita we commence every Executive Search assignment with a Detailed Client Briefing

This is where we get “into the details” of exactly what is needed by our client partner. In other words, the “magical ingredients” that our client seeks in the ideal executive candidate.

This will cover the key skills needed, career experience required, background desired, education needed, personality type sought and etc. The “wish-list” is often long! After all, if it was easy, a client would not need our help!

On top of this we ask for clarity on the salary budget for the position – or if things are being kept flexible. If the budget is fixed, it is important that we know from the start so as not to waste anyone’s time. There is little point bringing forward senior professionals that are not affordable.

It is essential that we understand fully our client’s needs from the get-go. So that no time is wasted and appropriate talent is targeted from the beginning

With all this insight and knowledge about exactly what our client seeks, we start to identify all potentially relevant professionals. We build our candidate longlist, consisting of all the people that we think could have the ingredients needed.

ProCapita is Research Led, as such we talent map the entire market.

The candidate longlist can be extensive or relatively short. It depends entirely on the depth of talent pool that is available based on our clients briefing.

After that, once the longlist is built, we professionally reach out to all of the candidates.

ProCapita only performs Traditional, Direct Approach Executive Search.

We Never use job board advertising to identify or gain candidate interest.

All of our consultants are highly experienced international Headhunters, very familiar with pitching senior level executives.

We will market our client and the job opportunity in the most effective manner possible.

It is only once we start interacting with executive candidates about our client opportunity that we will know if a person is indeed “spot-on” based on the briefing or not ideal.

99% of the candidates that we approach will be happily employed and not actively job seeking

Such people are called “passive candidates”. We come along out of the blue, “knock on their door” and introduce the executive vacancy.

At this initial stage, candidates will usually be quite quick to say “yes, lets discuss further” or “no, i am sorry this opportunity is not for me”. Either way is of course perfectly fine. The more honest the candidate communication is – the better.

If a particular role is not of interest, we will let the executive know about future roles that maybe of greater interest. For instance, just because someone is not open to a new opportunity now, doesn’t mean that they won’t be open in 6 months time.

After we have started to communicate with executive candidates, our aim is to identify the most suitable based on our clients needs.

At this point we will start to submit the CV’s of qualified and interested executive candidates to our client.

Once we have started introducing candidate profiles to a client we will then facilitate every step in the hiring process.

In general this means that we will manage the following;

Client-Candidate interview scheduling
Once at an advanced stage, with a candidate identified as of high interest, we shall gather the persons detailed current compensation data and proof of such
After that, at our clients instructions, we shall handle offer and negotiation with the selected candidate. However, the client may alternatively choose to manage this themselves
Once an offer has been verbally accepted by a candidate we shall perform candidate reference checks and submit a formal reference report to our client
Assuming that the reference checks are good, our client shall then issue the candidate with a formal written offer letter
Once a candidate has signed the offer letter we shall support them throughout their resignation process. We keep in touch during their notice period and until employment start date at our client

What we can say for sure, is that each and every Executive Search assignment is unique and individual. Each hiring process poses its own challenges and complexities. Our skill as experienced Headhunters, having faced most situations many times over, is the ability to overcome each difficulty as it comes along. We always look for solutions and work towards a successful close.

The length of time required for an Executive Search depends on the client. The availability of its leaders to interview, the urgency of the hire. Alongside this, the seniority and circumstances of the selected candidate, the length of their notice period, can greatly impact things.

We would say that the average Executive Search process, from start to finish, takes between 3-4 months. This assumes that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have worked on hires that took only 1 month to complete and for the candidate to start work immediately. We have worked on hires that took over a year to complete and for the candidate to start work some months later due to their notice period.

In essence the timeline for the hiring process is driven by the client and candidate circumstances. As Headhunters we will always work to our clients instructions and introduce great talent in very short-order. After that, all other aspects are in general outside our control.

We always provide honest, independent 3rd party advice, to both our clients and candidates throughout the Executive Search process.

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As Executive Search Specialists for the Indonesia market, we are well aware that every recruitment process poses its own challenges. Our aim is to ensure a successful outcome, where a brilliant hire is made and a very strong working relationship established between a client and an executive candidate.

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