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Plantation Headhunter Indonesia

ProCapita Indonesia has deep experience working as an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter.

Our team of senior recruiters has completed 70+ Plantation or Agriculture Executive Search Headhunter Hires.

Plantation and Agriculture roles successfully closed have often been based in remote areas of the country. Our client companies have included International, Regional and Local firms.

When working as an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter we have assisted businesses at all stages of the sector lifecycle; Upstream – Agricultural Estates & Producers, Mid-stream – Processing and Logistics, Downstream – Final Product and Retailers.

As an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter our expertise is recruitment at the C-Level. Having said this, we are flexible and can help firms recruit talent down to the Manager Level.

Our Executive Search Research Department makes sure that we are fully talent pool mapped for all Plantation and Agriculture Executive talent – both local nationals and foreigners.

When we execute an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter recruitment assignment we are quick to fulfil a clients needs. We perform Direct Approach Only Executive Recruitment and begin to submit qualified and interested candidates within 7 days of starting any Plantation or Agriculture related executive search.

Overview – Indonesia Plantation & Agriculture Sector

Indonesia is an agricultural global super-power. The nation is a leading producer and exporter of many agriculture commodities, particularly in the areas of palm oil, rubber, cocoa, coffee, rice, and spices. As an industry sector, agriculture is still the largest employer, accounting for about 29% of the Indonesian workforce. Primary agricultural production contributed 13.7% of GDP in 2020.

The agriculture sector is primarily made up of large sprawling plantations – mainly private, some state-owned – or smallholder dwellings focused on producing for local needs. The large plantations usually grow key export commodities such as palm oil and rubber, while the smallholder farms focus on rice, fruits and vegetables.

The dominant agricultural commodity is Palm Oil. Indonesia is by far the largest producer of palm oil in the world. As an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter it is also the area we work most.

The Palm Oil sector has seen vast investment and growth over the last decades. Fueled by increasing global demand, palm oil cultivation has expanded significantly across the archipelago. The majority of locally produced palm oil is exported. In 2022, palm oil production was about 45.5 million metric tons. The Palm Oil sector contributes between 1.5 – 2.5% of national GDP. The largest palm oil plantations can be found in Sumatra, followed by Kalimantan. 

Indonesia is also a global leader in the production of Natural Rubber, sitting in 2nd place in terms of volume. The archipelago supplies a substantial amount of rubber to the global market and the sector has been growing in size since the 1980s. Unlike Palm Oil, most of Indonesia’s rubber output – around 80% – comes from smallholder farms, not large plantations. Key regions for rubber are South Sumatra, North Sumatra and Riau.

Cocoa Bean is another key agricultural product, Indonesia ranks 3rd in the world for output volume. Over the past 25 years the Indonesian Cocoa sector has witnessed significant growth, driven primarily by smallholder farms choosing to focus on the valuable commodity. The nation currently has about 1.5 million hectares of land dedicated to cocoa cultivation.

As a country of fertile volcanic soils, vast land, year round warm temperatures and good rainfall, there are of course many many other crops that are produced in large volume. These include; Coffee, Tea, Rice, Cassava, Spices, Nuts and etc.

Demand and production of seafood and meat is also increasing each year. Indonesia is a key regional producer of poultry and one of the worlds biggest seafood exporters. However, there is still a sizeable opportunity for expansion in the Fisheries & Marine sector, which accounts for less than 3% of national GDP.

Lastly, Indonesia is a leading global exporter of tropical timber products, including plywood, pulp and paper. With increasing deforestation rates, there is now a lot of focus on controlling the timber trade and regulations have been enacted to protect forests.

As an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter we provide Best-In-Class access to the exact type of professional that a client company may require.

Agriculture Headhunter

ProCapita Indonesia’s senior Recruiters can assist any type of Plantation or Agriculture related business:

  • Upstream – Agricultural Estates – Palm Oil, Rubber, Coffee, Tea, Livestock, Fisheries etc
  • Mid-stream – Processing Plants, Logistics firms
  • Downstream – Final Product Producers, Retailers
  • Commodity Trading Companies
  • Services Firms
  • Supply Chain Businesses

Plantation or Agriculture clients will typically have very specific recruitment needs. Often they will require professionals with particular commodity knowledge, certain technical expertise, specific region experience or network access.

We work as an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter performing Executive Search Recruitment for all Executive Level job functions:
  • C-Level
  • Estate Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Production Plant
  • Operations, Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics
  • Finance, HR, Legal
Examples of Indonesia Plantation Recruiter hires that we have completed:
  • Country Head / President Director
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • VP Estate Management
  • Factory Plant Director
  • GM Procurement
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • VP Sales & Marketing
  • National Sales Manager
  • Senior VP Human Resources
  • Head of Trading
  • Senior Manager Supply Chain
  • Chief of Procurement
  • VP Logistics & Distribution
  • Senior Manager Marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Talent Acquisition Lead 
  • Head of Milling

As Indonesia Recruiter Specialists we give businesses market leading access to the exact type of Plantation & Agriculture professional that they may need.

ProCapita Indonesia’s in-house Executive Search Research Team is continually refreshing our Executive Database, making sure that we maintain 100% talent pool mapping.

Whenever working as an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter we will begin to submit qualified and interested executive talent within 7 days of commencing an Executive Search Recruitment assignment.

So, as an Indonesia Plantation Headhunter, what makes us different?

99% of ProCapita’s hires involve “Passive Candidates”. Professionals that are currently employed and Not job seeking when we approach them.
  • For clients that require confidentialitywe have a significant track record of completing “No Name Searches”. Under this approach, we only reveal the clients name once a candidate is selected for interview.
    • As a boutique, we focus on quality vs quantity and provide a premium 24/7 client service.
    • In addition, we manage the entire recruitment process, making our clients life easy.
    • Our Senior Consultants are proactive and honest in client communication, providing market specific information and insights. This helps to ensure a successful placement.
    • We only invoice once a hire is made, on employment start-date. In other words; We provide a Success Fee (Contingency) Service. Therefore, all risk sits on our shoulders. If we don’t succeed we don’t invoice.
    • In conclusion, our consultants are senior, long-established Headhunters with a combined 70+ years of executive search experience. We know what to do and when.

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