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Career Choices

5 Simple Steps to Help Ensure that You Make the Right Career Decisions:

“The future depends on what you do today.” — Mahatma Gandhi

1. Do Your Research and Ask All the Important Questions

The first step to making the right career decision is to do your research. Learn about the company you may join, the role itself, the people you may work with.

If you are going to an interview, you should Google Research the company and try to read as much as possible about the business. So that you know their focus areas, their vision.

At a minimum, interviewers will expect that you have read fully their corporate website. It shows that you are genuinely interested and prepared for the interview.

You should create a list of key questions. 1) Questions about the company itself — its products or services, its vision & objectives, its people, its culture. 2) Questions about the position you are being interviewed for — the expectations, targets, what will be a “typical day”.

Whilst an interview is definitely about a company learning about you and whether you are a “good fit” for their organisation – it is also very much about you learning about the company. Therefore, asking smart questions helps you to decide if the business suits you and your career plans.

If you decide to join a new company without all the proper information — for example not knowing about the corporate culture — you are potentially setting yourself up for disappointment later on.

Therefore, put the time in up-front, do research, ask the important questions. It means that there are fewer chances for regret down the line. You don’t want to be thinking, after 2 months of working for a new company “if only I’d asked this at the interview…”

Above all, being prepared for interviews, asking smart questions, shows that you are organised, have good attention to details and want to make the right career choices. These are all positive characteristics.

2. Stay Calm and Relaxed

Career decisions are definitely at the “top level” of most stressful choices that we have to make. But doing it calmly and in a relaxed fashion lowers the chance of making the wrong decision. That’s because the calmer you are, the less likely you are to make a hasty, emotionally focused decision.

Career choices should always be logically made decisions, not emotional.

Try to get into a relaxed state of mind, remove any stress factors and think through your decision with a clear rational head. Don’t rush, don’t panic; instead take deep breaths and think about the facts.

Career Choices

3. Know All the Possible Options

Think through all the potential scenarios of the decision. The good and the bad — don’t leave any option unexplored, no matter how unlikely it seems.

You want to know the full range of outcomes possible. Being aware helps you plan.

4. Keep a Written List

Instead of just going through the positives and negatives of an opportunity in your head, many people find that it helps to write them all out in a list.

Writing a list of Strengths Versus Weaknesses, will help you to plan for all eventualities. It also reduces the chance of future regret. Similarly, it helps you to focus on facts and not emotions and to ensure that nothing important is missed.

A written list also acts as a strong reminder for why you have made the decision that you have made. Therefore, it helps to keep you focused when going through the resignation process at your current company (which can be stressful).

5. Keep Things in Perspective

This is important both during decision-making and afterwards.

We often get so caught up in making the best career decision that it consumes us. Reminding yourself that things are going to be OK no matter which choice you make—which is true most of the time, as long as all the key details have been considered—puts you in the right mindset for a regret-free decision.

Also, you should only ask for the opinion of people that you trust. People that you know will think deeply and give you an honest and genuine opinion based on facts and logic. If you ask everyone for their opinion “should i join this new company or not”, there is a very good chance that you will just get very very confused.

As long established Headhunters for the Indonesia market, we are always being asked by Executive Candidates for our advice regarding their career decisions.

We are committed to always providing honest, factful, big picture advice throughout any Executive Recruitment process.

We want the right hire to be made by our clients…. not just any hire. But equally important, we want Executive Candidates to join a new company knowing all the important information and having made a logical, fact based decision, one that leads to success.

This helps to ensure an excellent outcome for both our client and candidate.

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