To Be An Outstanding Leader You Must Be Professionally Agile!

Professional Agility

Some Executives are gifted Leaders, they can transform a business from a small unknown entity into a major global organisation.

A lot of research has taken place to identify what “common characteristics” great business leaders share. What makes them special.

Above all, the key personality aspects are superior Flexibility and Responsiveness, what we call Professional Agility!

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

Most studies suggest – and as experienced Executive Recruiters we certainly agree – top leaders are people that can adjust quickly.

They change and edit their behaviour based on: 1) market conditions as they evolve, 2) the people that they are dealing with and 3) the challenges they face.

In other words, top-class Executives have great Professional Agility.
They do not stand still but adjust quickly based on changing circumstances.

Therefore, to succeed, leaders must Not fear change but instead prepare for it and welcome innovation.

Todays Technology oriented business environment is very complex.

Things are continually moving, leaders can not rely on traditional strategies that worked in the past.

Great executives must always be looking forward and thinking about what is next, how to adjust accordingly.

Successful companies benefit from executive leaders that enjoy change…
And can turn uncertainty into increased corporate success.

Business leaders who are Professionally Agile proactively seek out new and unfamiliar experiences.

From this they learn and can then apply their new found knowledge to the next unknown situation faced.

Therefore, being able to learn quickly, to embrace change and to adjust efficiently, helps Executives know what to do.

They can handle the unfamiliar in a confident manner.

Many studies show that these personality traits are far more indicative of Executive Success Potential than the traditional focus on intelligence and education.

For instance, Flexible and Responsive learners usually see faster career development and in a sustained manner, compared to those who resist change or fail to learn from past mistakes.

Only about 15% of Executives are Professionally Agile

Some executives will have strong and successful starts to their careers but then fall into the trap of over-relying on past solutions.

They will continue to use old ways for new problems. Therefore, they stop learning and adapting, stop editing for the new…. they become “stagnant”.

To become – and sustain oneself – as a top class leader, a professional needs to keep their hunger for learning.

Above all, they must stay restless for new challenges and embrace change.

How to Determine an Individuals

Potential for Success

Professional Agility

Professional Agility can be assessed based on 5 items:

Mental Agility

How comfortable is the person when handling a complex situation?

For instance, can they quickly identify a problem and move onto solutions based on the unique circumstances at hand?

People Agility

Is the executive talented and skilled in communication?

For example, do they adjust their style and words to be able to work effectively with a diverse range of people?

Change Agility

Does the person like change and welcome it as a challenge?

Similarly, do they see it as a motivator for personal development?

Do they have a history of experimenting, when old ways do not work to find new solutions?

Results Agility

Can the person still deliver success when dealing with new / unknown situations?

In other words, do they have a track record for handling the unknown and achieving results in the process?

Self-Analysis Agility

Is the person able to analyse themselves and identify both their strengths and weaknesses?

After that, knowing their weaknesses, are they willing to adjust and edit in a bid to turn such weaknesses into strengths? 

The global business environment is increasingly complicated.

Above all, technology is changing the traditional landscape in a way that has never been seen before.

Therefore, for a company to succeed it requires leaders who are flexible and responsive.

People that are fast to adapt and able to develop strategies to accommodate quickly evolving circumstances. 

Businesses need Leaders who are Professionally Agile.

It is essential that organisations identify professionals that possess these rare characteristics.

After that groom and develop such people, as these individuals will help to ensure a successful future.

In conclusion, companies that have leaders able to adjust, edit and evolve – survive and thrive.
Businesses that have leaders reliant on past strategies, in an ever changing landscape – stagnate and fail.

Here at ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia, as long established Indonesia C Level Recruiters, we recognise what makes executives special.

We are always on the look-out for these game-changing professionals for our clients.

We know that the success of a business relies on C-Level talent that is Professionally Agile.

More so now than ever before – in the age of “online”.

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James Umpleby, MD of ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia
James Umpleby, MD of ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia
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