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ProCapita Indonesia possesses an impressive track record working as an Indonesia FMCG Headhunter.

Our Senior Recruitment Consultants have successfully closed 200+ Indonesia FMCG or Consumer Goods Executive Search Hires.

As an Indonesia FMCG Headhunter our expertise is recruitment at the C-Level. Having said this, we are flexible and often help firms hire talent down to the Manager Level.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods – “FMCG” – falls under the broader Consumer Goods industry. FMCG products are in high demand, sell quickly and are replaced often. Such items are said to be “fast-moving” because they leave the shelves quickly. FMCG products are typically sold at markets, supermarkets and convenience stores.

As an Indonesia FMCG Headhunter we have worked across all product classes, examples being; Personal care, beauty, canned drinks, toothpaste, soap, chocolate, biscuits, milk drinks, snacks, cigarettes, batteries and sanitary products.

Our Executive Search Research Department ensures that we are always 100% talent pool mapped for all FMCG & Consumer Goods Executive talent – both Indonesian nationals and expatriates.

When we execute an Indonesia FMCG Headhunter assignment we are quick to meet a clients needs. Our Recruiters perform Direct Approach Only Headhunting and we start to submit qualified and interested candidates within 7 days of commencing any FMCG or Consumer Goods executive search.

ProCapita has 10+ years experience working as an Indonesia FMCG Headhunter, we assist both MNC and Local manufacturers.

Overview – the Indonesian FMCG Sector

FMCG and the broader Consumer Goods industry is considered one of the most exciting in the country. Annual sales exceed USD 10 billion. In addition, the industry sees year on year growth, driven by the country’s ever growing middle class population and increasing levels of disposable income.

The FMCG sector is critical to the country’s economy. And the future is bright.

With over 270 million people, Indonesia has the worlds 4th largest population. In addition, with an average age of 30, it has a “young” population by global standards.

FMCG sales make up about 18.5 % of national GDP (2016). This figure is expected to rise to 30 % by 2030.

According to research by Accenture 82% of all FMCG sales take place in traditional markets or independent “mom and pop” shops (2017). Also referred to as “General Trade”.
With only 18% of items sold via “Modern Trade”; large chain stores such as hypermarts, supermarkets and minimarts.

Why is this? According to a Snapcart survey, 65.2% of respondents stated that they saw General Trade Retailers as offering the lowest prices. On the other hand, consumers viewed Hypermarkets as the most expensive retail environment, followed by online.

Alongside this, the archipelago has 6,000+ inhabited islands. Until now, most of the rural population has been served by local independent retailers. However, Modern Trade chain stores, in particular minimarts, are slowly starting to enter less inhabited regions.

There are 4.1 million+ retail stores spread across Indonesia, the vast majority are independent “mom and pop” units.

The FMCG retail sector is highly fragmented. For instance, for grocery items, the five largest retailers have a combined market share of only 3.8%.

Having said this, shopping centers and retail chain stores are growing fast, not just in major tier 1 cities like Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung, but also in tier 2 and 3 cities. However, urban areas, which possess 60% of the population, continue to be the core focus for Modern Trade Retailers. This leaves rural areas to be dominated by General Trade independent stores and markets.

Another interesting item is that a McKinsey report found local consumers to be risk averse and brand loyal. Based on their survey, 63% of respondents will only buy products that have familiar brand names. Therefore, Indonesian consumers are seen as “late adopters”, typically not willing to try new products until suggested by friends or family.

In conclusion, Indonesia provides huge opportunities, alongside significant challenges, for FMCG producers and Modern Trade retailers.

Fundamentally, the sector is benefitting from the increasing middle class population and its desire for more and more FMCG goods. On the other hand, as an emerging market and an archipelago nation, retailers must contend with large infrastructure and distribution issues. In other words, how to get the product to the end buyer.

E-Commerce is helping FMCG firms to get their products onto the radar of more people. However, the challenge still remains of transporting the items to the end consumer.

Executive Search for FMCG & Consumer Goods Businesses

FMCG Headhunter

As a booming local market sector, it is not surprising that FMCG firms often ask us to assist on key hires. Over the years ProCapita has worked as an Indonesia FMCG Headhunter on hundreds of executive searches.

As an Indonesia FMCG Recruiter ProCapita helps companies across all major product areas:
  • Personal Care / Hygiene / Sanitary
  • Beauty / Cosmetics
  • Food / Beverage / Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Electronics / Batteries
  • Consumer Healthcare
  • Etc

FMCG clients usually have very specific hiring needs. For instance, they require people with particular product knowledge or market experience.

Similarly, if recruiting for senior management or commercial roles, FMCG businesses often need us to headhunt professionals with specific sales channel expertise:
  • General Trade
  • Modern Trade
  • Digital / E-Commerce
  • HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes)
And we have performed Indonesia FMCG Executive Search for all key job functions:
  • C-Level Leadership
  • Sales, Marketing & Digital
  • Operations, Quality Control, Production, Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics, Product Development & R&D
  • Corporate Administration; Finance, HR & Legal
Examples of FMCG / Consumer Goods Executive Recruitment Hires Completed:
  • Country Head / President Director
  • GM Operations
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • VP Sales & Marketing
  • National Sales Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Director of Plant / Production
  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Chief of Procurement
  • VP Logistics & Distribution
  • Sales Manager – Modern Trade / General Trade / HORECA
  • Regional Head of Talent
  • Senior Manager Marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Digital
  • Senior Category Manager

ProCapita’s in-house Research Team is continually updating our FMCG Executive Database. Therefore, we are kept aware of the movement of all FMCG talent.

Above all, when working as an Indonesia FMCG Recruiter we provide market leading access to the specific type of FMCG professional that a client may require.

ProCapita starts to deliver qualified and interested executive candidates within 7 days of commencing any FMCG Executive Search.

So, as an Indonesia FMCG Headhunter, what makes us different?:

  • We are the only boutique executive search firm in Indonesia, British owned and managed.
  • As a true Headhunter Firm we provide Old-School Direct Approach Only Headhunter Services.
    • The majority of local Recruiters operate as “Recruitment Agencies”. Therefore, they rely on Social Media Job Adverts to attract Active candidates.
    • However, as a true Headhunter Firm ProCapita never uses job board advertising. For senior hires, online job adverts are far too public and an inappropriate way to gain candidate interest.
    • Therefore, we always directly and proactively approach all relevant talent for a client position. We professionally market the role and our client business.
99% of ProCapita’s hires involve “Passive Candidates”. Professionals that are currently employed and not job seeking when we approach them.
  • For clients that require confidentiality, we have a significant track record of completing No Name Searches”. Under this approach, we only reveal the clients name once a candidate is selected for interview.
    • As a boutique, we focus on quality vs quantity and provide a premium 24/7 client service.
    • In addition, we manage the entire recruitment process, making our clients life easy.
    • Our Consultants are proactive and honest in client communication, providing market specific information and insights. This helps to ensure a successful placement.
    • We only invoice once a hire is made, on employment start-date. In other words, we provide a Success Fee (Contingency) Service. Therefore, all risk sits on our shoulders. If we don’t succeed we don’t invoice.
    • In conclusion, our consultants are senior, long-established Headhunters with a combined 70+ years of executive search experience.

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