Executive Recruitment Companies Ensure You Hire the Best

Executive Recruitment Company / Perusahaan Rekrutmen Eksekutif

Executive recruitment companies in Indonesia – which are also called executive search agencies or executive headhunter agencies or perusahaan rekrutmen eksekutif in Bahasa Indonesia – are management consulting firms specialised in the Human Resources Function.

What this Article Covers:

Their core expertise is providing Senior Talent Acquisition Recruitment Services.

A business should use the 3rd party recruitment services of an executive recruitment company when it wishes to make a Key Hire of Value and must Recruit the Very Best Senior Talent possible.

Executive recruitment companies employ highly experienced professional headhunters that can help a client business successfully navigate the complex world of executive search in Indonesia.

The return on investment from using their 3rd party executive recruitment services is exponential.

Why is that?

Because a top quality executive recruitment company can provide a client business instant access to the very best professional talent possible for their senior job vacancy.

Their executive headhunters possess years of experience in executive recruitment, they understand executive recruitment process management best practices inside out.

This experience and knowledge ensures that a client recruits a senior executive that is transformational, someone that will help their business to grow and flourish.

What is an Executive Recruitment Company?

Apa itu Perusahaan Rekrutmen Eksekutif?

Executive Recruitment Company

An executive recruitment company, or perusahaan rekrutmen eksekutif in Bahasa Indonesia, is specialised in Identifying, Attracting and Securing top tier senior leadership talent for client organisations.

They employ a team of highly experienced executive recruiters – also called executive headhunters or head hunters – professionals that know their local market inside & out.

Due to their extensive professional network, a good executive recruitment company can quickly access all potentially relevant senior candidates for their client, based on their specific recruitment requirements.

Its executive recruiters live and breathe executive search, they are professional head hunters that know executive recruitment best practice from start-to-finish.

To be effective, an executive recruitment company or perusahaan rekrutmen eksekutif, must possess a huge, fully comprehensive professional talent network within their local market.

For instance, here at ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia, our professional network is 450,000+ senior candidates working in Indonesia.

There are Many Steps in the Executive Recruitment Process…

Ada Banyak Langkah dalam Proses Rekrutmen Eksekutif…

The 1st step in an executive recruitment process, when a business has chosen to use the recruitment services of an executive recruitment company, is for the client to provide the executive recruiter with a detailed Day 1 Position Briefing.

A Position Briefing is when the Hiring Manager, or the HR of a company, explains clearly to the executive recruiter exactly what they need and seek for their senior job vacancy.

Typically the more information that is provided by a client, the better.

A Position Briefing should cover the necessary skills, career experience, leadership capabilities, personality type and track record that is sought in the ideal candidate.

A company should also explain their compensation budget for the position – what is the maximum salary and associated benefits that they could provide.

> As otherwise they may end up interviewing candidates that are above fixed budget requirements and this leads to a lot of wasted time.

After establishing all the key details, the executive recruiter, based on their deep experience and local market knowledge, will provide their client with feedback, comments and questions.

Some examples:

> Maybe the budget for the role is too low vs the typical compensation of a suitable well qualified candidate in the market.

> Maybe the briefing requirements are too vague and broad, so there is the risk of bringing forward irrelevant candidates – that increased targeting would be beneficial to success.

> Maybe the briefing requirements are too narrow and as such the available talent pool is deemed incredibly small or even non-existent – the executive recruiter will seek to understand what are the core requirements and what are the extra “nice to haves”.

Once the Day 1 Position Briefing is nicely clear and well established, the executive recruitment company can begin the 2nd Step in the executive recruitment process – Candidate Identification.

They will analyse their vast professional network, they will research all competitor organisations and any company that may employ the right type of people based on the talent briefing.

They will locate all people that used to work in their clients industry, people that have the right work experience and skills… but have moved to a different industry.

They will manually list out all potentially relevant candidates based on their clients Position Briefing and create a Candidate Longlist for the head hunter assignment.

Depending on the efficiency and workload of the executive recruitment company, a detailed, extensive candidate longlist will take approximately 3-14 days to build.

If the executive recruitment company is highly active in their clients industry and has recently worked on similar roles, candidate identification will of course take less time.

Here at ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia, with our dedicated in-house research team and obsession with candidate research, across industries – we will build a fully comprehensive candidate longlist within 5 days of commencing any Executive Search Process.

Based on a clients specific recruitment needs and how niche a role is, a candidate longlist could be anywhere from 50 people long up to 3,000 or more.

Once the candidate long-list is built, the 3rd Step in the executive recruitment process begins – Candidate Sourcing.

The executive recruiter will directly approach all targeted professionals, all professionals that are in the candidate long-list.

They will professionally and effectively market their client firm and its executive job vacancy to the targeted candidates.

These are senior executives & the vast majority are employed, what is called “Passive Candidates“. Passive candidates are busy working, they are not actively seeking a new job.

These senior executives include C-Level, Board of Directors, Country Head, General Manager, Department Head etc, they are not reviewing publicly advertised online job adverts. Because they are busy working.

However, if an executive headhunter directly approaches them in a professional way, possesses the skills required to pique their interest in a clients job, is able to explain all the reasons why they should consider applying for their clients senior job vacancy… then passive candidates can be successfully motivated to explore.

One of the biggest benefits of using the executive recruitment services of an executive recruitment company in Indonesia like ProCapita, is access to happily employed passive candidates.

99% of the hires that ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia closes involve happily employed passive candidates.

Executive recruiter in Indonesia

In a short time period a good executive recruitment company will speak to and assess all qualified and interested candidates, identify the most relevant based on their clients specific briefing and submit the CVs of selected candidates to their client, alongside any candidate notes.

At ProCapita we commit to start submitting the CVs of Qualified and Interested candidates within 7 days of starting any Indonesia executive search assignment.

When submitting a Candidate CV we always do our best to also provide an approximate indication of a candidates current compensation, to help our client in their interview selection process.

But of course, this is very sensitive information and as we are dealing with senior level passive professionals, sometimes they will be unwilling to provide this current compensation data before interviewing with a client company.

Approved candidates that are submitted by an executive recruiter to its client firm create the Candidate Shortlist.

In essence, a candidate shortlist consists of only the best, most Qualified and also Interested candidates for an executive job vacancy.

Once candidate CV’s start to be submitted to a client, attention moves from the executive recruitment company to the client company itself and the 4th Step of their executive recruitment service begins – Candidate Interviews.

The client will assess candidate CVs submitted and select which professionals they wish to interview.

The executive recruitment company will handle all interview coordination between the client and selected candidates.

Once a company has completed interviewing all selected short-listed candidates and decided which person they want to recruit, someone that is an ideal fit, the 5th Step of the executive recruitment process can begin – Candidate Offer & Negotiation.

As part of their recruitment services an executive recruiter will ask the selected candidate for a detailed breakdown of their current compensation.

This will cover all fixed compensation but also all variable pay, such as bonuses, also any unvested stock that the person may hold in their current company and details of all non-cash benefits that they receive, such as retirement plan funding, private health insurance and coverage, travel reimbursement policy and etc.

The executive recruiter will submit a comprehensive current compensation breakdown report of the selected candidate to their client.

With this information the business can formulate their Initial Candidate Offer, knowing all the pertinent details of their selected candidates current compensation.

Here in Indonesia, the typical increase in current compensation that is expected by senior candidates, to make a job move exciting and logical, after negotiations, is 10-20%.

But for certain roles, particularly in high growth sectors such as Digital, expectations can be higher, such as 35%.

When presenting the terms of the Compensation Offer to a selected candidate, it is highly recommended that the executive headhunter acts as the middle-man.


Because it is the most sensitive part of an executive recruitment process and it is very easy, if a client and candidate are talking directly, for things to go wrong and fast!

The candidate will review the Offer Details and provide their feedback and comments.

By using the executive head hunter as a middleman, the head hunter can provide rationale guidance to the candidate – if they feel that the candidates expectations are too aggressive and likely to turn their client “off”, they can explain why.

Head Hunter Indonesia

By providing market driven 3rd party advice and guidance, to both a client and a selected executive candidate, the aim of the executive recruiter is to achieve a mutual compromise…

Where the client is happy with the terms of the offer and the candidate is also motivated and excited to proceed.

Typically a client wants the cheapest salary price possible and a candidate wants the maximum uplift possible.

A professional experienced headhunter aims, through their knowledge, skills and experience, to bring both parties together to find an acceptable middle ground scenario.

Because without this “compromise” and “meeting in the middle” a hire will likely not occur, things will explode… and a new candidate will be needed.

Once the terms of the compensation offer have been agreed, the 6th Step in the executive recruitment process can begin; Reference Checks.

The executive recruiter will speak to various former colleagues of the selected candidate, such as former bosses, peers and subordinates.

They will ask these individuals to describe their experience when working with the selected candidate, using questions that cover; their performance, strengths, weaknesses, ethics, personality, leadership style, any issues and etc.

They will compile a Reference Report and send this to their client for their review.

Assuming that all is satisfactory, the company will issue a formal offer letter or employment agreement to the selected candidate for signing.

And then the 7th Step in the executive recruitment process can begin – Candidate Resignation.

Once a candidate has signed an employment offer letter, or employment agreement, they can schedule a meeting with their current employer to submit their resignation.

An executive headhunter will be working with the selected candidate to get their resignation process moving as fast as possible, as any time delays can lead to problems – such as insecurity, over thinking, talking to people that cause confusion and etc.

In advance of resigning, a good executive recruiter will also coach the candidate regarding the potential for a Counter-Offer from their current employer & the big risks of accepting any Counter-Offer.

Please read this article for further details about why a candidate must stand strong and reject any counter offer that is presented when resigning.

Here in Indonesia, I would estimate that 50% of senior candidates receive a counter-offer when they resign.

It makes sense right – companies don’t want to lose their best senior people, they know it is a major headache to find a solid replacement for such people. Also it is costly to use the recruitment services of a good executive recruitment company.

But once a senior candidate has stated that they wish to resign from their current employer, they must stay strong and say no —- as they are no longer seen as a loyal employee…

Once resignation is complete, the 8th and Final Step in the executive recruitment process takes place, Waiting for Candidate Start-Date.

After resigning a candidates notice period will commence, in Indonesia it ranges from 1 to 6 months, with most senior leadership candidates having a 2-3 month notice period.

The executive recruiter will stay in touch with the candidate and their client throughout this “waiting period”, keeping their eyes open for any problems or setbacks that may occur, such as counter-offers from the candidates current employer.

The headhunter will aim to keep everything smooth, for all parties to stay well aligned until the Candidate Start Date at their new employer.

Once a candidate has started to work for their new employer, the executive recruitment company has completed its job, their recruitment services have resulted in a successful new senior hire.

At ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia, because we believe in Actions over Words and because our executive headhunters are Very Much Results Focused, we are willing to work for client companies on a Success Fee Only Basis.

That means we provide Contingency Recruitment Services.

Therefore, once a candidate starts to work for a client company, we calculate our recruitment fee and submit our invoice on employment start-date.

In essence, a client company carries no risk when using our executive recruitment services, as we must deliver the needed results to get paid.

A top class executive recruitment company provides expert advice and guidance, to both their client and candidates, throughout the executive recruitment process.

This helps to ensure a smooth journey and that all challenges encountered can be overcome.

As the owner of Indonesia’s leading executive recruitment company, everyday I interact with CEO’s, C-Level business leaders and HR Heads that have critical senior job vacancies left open for long periods of time (6 months+!).

They tell me that they must hire the best of the best, that they have interviewed 30+, 50+ candidates but that they still have not found the right person… That they are exhausted.

They ask “can ProCapita’s recruitment services help?“.

The reason why they have failed to hire is actually very simple – they have tried to cut huge executive recruitment corners… they have tried to reduce their executive recruitment costs by simply investing $15 in public online job ads…

LinkedIn Job Adverts

Or they have worked with low cost standard recruitment agencies, not an executive recruitment company, to fill their senior job vacancy.

Because a normal recruitment agency will simply post online job ads and target active job seeker candidates. They are designed for junior and mid level hiring.

As a consequence these businesses have been inundated with active job seeker candidate applications, they have been overwhelmed by people “clicking apply” that are totally irrelevant.

And months later, they have Not been able to access and attract what they actually need – happily employed passive candidates, the best of the best.

They had naively hoped that they could spend 15 minutes uploading a public online job ad, invest the equivalent of a few Big Mac meals (with fries) and assumed that they would get Golden Talent Acquisition Results in return.

They were dreaming!

And sadly, they had to learn the hard way…

You can’t access and attract the best of the best senior talent – the multi-colored unicorns – by cutting large executive recruitment corners and investing a few dollars.

In the process they have lost months of time, they have suffered huge opportunity loss costs because without key leadership a business unit stagnates…

They have tarnished their reputation in the local market by appearing desperate and cheap by using low cost public job ads for a Key Hire of Value…

And then finally they have asked for proper professional help from ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia.

What they needed were the services of a professional executive recruitment company in Jakarta, a perusahaan rekrutmen eksekutif di Jakarta, from day 1.

I shall now explain the very Big Benefits of Using an Executive Recruitment Company in Indonesia and their recruitment services for any senior level hiring needs.

And I will also provide a list of the 3 best executive recruitment companies in Indonesia.

Why Use an Executive Recruitment Company in Indonesia?

Mengapa Menggunakan Perusahaan Rekrutmen Eksekutif di Indonesia?

Executive Search Indonesia

There are many big benefits of using the recruitment services of an executive recruitment company in Indonesia, for any senior level hiring need.

To Ensure You Hire the Best Person Possible

And how do they do that?:

Specialised in High-Level Executive Search

Executive recruitment companies are not just regular Recruitment Agencies; their expertise and specialty is high-level executive search, such as at the C-Level.

They work on roles that require a deep understanding of a clients industry and the local executive landscape to ensure success.

They use sophisticated methods to manually identify and directly approach targeted individuals who possess the leadership qualities and specific skills that are needed for their clients executive role.

A top quality executive recruitment company will start to submit the CVs of Qualified and Interested Candidates within 7 days of commencing any executive recruitment process.

Possess a Deep Network of Passive Candidates

One of the huge Value Adds of a good executive recruitment company is their access to passive candidates.

Passive candidates are people that are happily employed, people that are not actively seeking a new job opportunity – but they would potentially consider a new opportunity if they are directly approached, learn about all the details, understand why the position is good for their career development and growth, why it is a good fit for them.

Good executive recruiters know how to engage these senior passive candidates, they are able to pique their interest in a client company and their executive job vacancy.

Remember – passive candidates are busy working, they are not spending hours looking for new jobs online, they are not “clicking apply” to tacky low-cost online job ads.

Understand the Market

Executive recruiters are continually working on executive search, they are talking to hundreds and thousands of people, they have their ears open to market data and they absorb key information.

They are able to keep a close eye on all local market trends and any shifts within industries, especially related to human capital.

This allows them to provide invaluable insights to their clients and candidates about the current talent landscape, typical compensation packages, what it takes to attract top-tier passive talent and etc.

Instant Access to Top Talent

Instant access to top Talent

One of the key benefits of using an executive recruitment company in Jakarta is access to the very best, most suitable top talent, fast.

Executive recruitment companies have a vast network of senior candidates, the majority being passive job seekers, people that are not actively looking for a new job.

They provide instant access to highly qualified “ideal fit” candidates that you would never see, or attract via generic, cheap, tacky online job ads.

Aproach the Best People at Competitor Organisations

It is typically viewed as unethical for a business to directly approach the senior executives that work for a competitor business.

Often senior people at competitor businesses interact, whether at conferences, tender bids or etc.

If you directly approach a competitors top talent, it looks very bad and desperate and can lead to all sorts of problems, including direct and targeted talent wars.

Also, it is incredibly embarrassing for a company to directly approach a senior executive at a competitor business and to be turned down.

That’s the beauty of using the recruitment services of a 3rd party executive recruitment company, they act as middlemen and can safely, privately, discreetly and comfortably approach the key talent at any competitor organisation on your behalf.

In-Depth Candidate Assessment

The recruitment services of an executive recruiter company go far beyond matching resumes to job descriptions – that is the work of a normal Recruitment Agency which uses Online Job Ads to attract active job seeker candidates for junior and mid level positions.

An executive recruitment company, or perusahaan rekrutmen eksekutif in Indonesian, performs in-depth assessment of candidates, including evaluating personality, leadership skills and experience to ensure that any candidate submitted to their client is not only well qualified but also a good cultural fit for the business.

High-Quality Candidate Shortlist Fast

Instead of sifting through hundreds of irrelevant online active job seeker candidate applications and interviewing huge numbers of people that just aren’t right, an executive recruitment company, or perusahaan rekrutmen eksekutif, will quickly provide a curated list of the best and interested professionals.

They provide a shortlist of Qualified and Interested talent, that is the result of thorough research, assessment and vetting, fast.

They ensure that you only spend time considering individuals who actually meet your high expectations and recruitment needs.

Remember, time is money!

Huge Time and Resource Savings

Recruitment services in Indonesia

Executive recruitment can be a very time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

By using the 3rd party recruitment services of an executive recruitment company, you can sit back and let the experts handle the process.

They have the necessary tools and expertise to find the right candidates quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Streamlined Executive Recruitment Process

The best executive recruitment companies in Jakarta have established processes that streamline all aspects of executive recruitment in Indonesia.

They manage everything from initial candidate outreach to the final stages of compensation negotiation, which can significantly accelerate an executive recruitment process and the chances of a successful close.

They know all the best practices, which significantly improves the probability of a successful hire being made.

Reduced Workload for HR

By outsourcing executive search to a specialised agency, your HR department is relieved of additional workload.

This allows them to concentrate their efforts on their core responsibilities and skills – HR function management – leading to better overall efficiency within the HR department.

Expertise in Senior Recruiting


Executive recruitment companies employ a team of highly experienced executive recruiters who are experts in their field.

They have in-depth local market knowledge and the necessary experience to quickly identify, attract and secure top-level senior candidates.

This expertise means that you will find the best senior talent fit for your company’s exact needs fast. It also ensures a successful hire is made.

Negotiation Skills

Executive recruiters are skilled negotiators who understand the intricacies of executive compensation packages very well.

They can effectively negotiate terms that satisfy both their client and their selected candidate, ensuring a successful hire that aligns with a company’s budget and also an executive’s compensation expectations.

This leads to a happy long-term working partnership.


When hiring for a senior executive position, especially at the C-Level, confidentiality is critical.

An executive recruitment company will ensure that you maintain confidentiality throughout your hiring process.

They will handle all communication with potential candidates, ensuring that your company’s reputation is protected and also that executive candidates do not need to worry about their participation becoming public knowledge.

Discretion in Sensitive Situations

Executive recruitment often involves sensitive situations, such as replacing a current senior executive that is underperforming.

Executive recruitment companies are experts at managing these delicate circumstances discreetly, minimising any potential disruption to your organisation.

Protecting Company Information

Executive recruitment companies understand the importance of protecting your business’ strategic plans and any sensitive information.

If needed, they will ensure that confidentiality agreements are in place before disclosing any sensitive details to potential candidates.


Hiring an executive candidate can be a very costly process, especially if you make the wrong hire.

Using the recruitment services of an executive recruitment company will lead to large cost saving further down the line, because they can quickly and efficiently find the right candidate the first time around.

A good executive hire will return the cost of their executive recruitment process very fast via productivity improvements and superior leadership skills.

Soon after joining, a business will see a strong return on investment.

Remember, a company is only as good as its people, this is particularly true at the leadership level.

Reduction in Senior Staff Turnover

A well-matched executive hire is much less likely to leave prematurely, thus reducing the high costs associated with turnover at the executive level.

This stability is often a result of the thorough vetting process conducted by an executive recruitment company when providing its recruitment services.

Long-Term ROI

Return in ROI from executive recruitment services

While using the recruitment services of an executive recruitment company is not cheap, the long-term return on investment can be substantial.

By securing the right leadership talent, the best of the best, you set your company up for success, which can soon lead to increased profits and enlarged market share.

How to Choose the Right Executive Recruitment Company in Jakarta

Cara Memilih Perusahaan Rekrutmen Eksekutif yang Tepa di Jakarta

When it comes to choosing an executive recruitment company in Jakarta, it’s essential to find the right fit for your business.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting an executive recruitment company:

Industry Expertise

When looking for an executive recruitment company, it’s crucial to find one that has experience providing recruitment services for your specific industry.

With relevant industry experience they will have a much better understanding of your company’s needs and the exact type of candidate that is required.

They will also be able to talk to senior candidates in their own specific “industry language”.

This will lead to good quality results much faster.

Proven Track Record

You must assess the track record of any executive recruitment company to ensure that they have successfully placed senior candidates in roles similar to the one that you are looking to fill.

A history of successful relevant placements… is a very strong indicator that their professional network is truly extensive and comprehensive & matches your needs.

It shows that they are capable to deliver the required results.

Investigate How They Work

Any “executive recruitment company” that uses online job adverts or advertises client vacancies on their website, is Not an Executive Recruitment Company, they are a standardRecruitment Agency“.

A real, authentic, Executive Recruitment Company, or Perusahaan Rekrutmen Eksekutif / Executive Search Firm / Executive Headhunter Company, Never uses online job adverts.

Everything that they do is 100% behind the scenes, they manually identify and then directly target and approach all relevant senior candidates.

Be careful >>> there are so many fake “executive recruitment companies in Indonesia”, their staff use the title “headhunter” but in reality they are just normal LinkedIn Job Advert recruitment agencies… that are designed and suited for junior & mid level hiring.

Cultural Alignment

The executive recruitment company that you choose to use should understand and appreciate your company’s culture and values.

This alignment helps ensure that the candidates they present will not only have the right skills but will also thrive within your organisation’s environment.

Market Reputation

Reputation of an executive recruitment company in Indonesia

The reputation of an executive recruitment company in Indonesia is essential.

Look for firms that possess a proven track record of successful placements and happy, satisfied clients.

You can read online business reviews to get a better idea of their reputation.

Client Testimonials

Seek out testimonials, or case studies from previous clients, to gauge the quality of recruitment service provided by a potential executive recruitment company.

Client feedback can offer insights into their processes, communication, and overall effectiveness.

The Top 3 Executive Recruitment Companies in Indonesia

3 Perusahaan Rekrutmen Eksekutif Teratas di Indonesia

1) ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia

ProCapita, Executive Recruitment Company in Indonesia

ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia is a market leading executive recruitment company in Indonesia, operating from Jakarta.

It has completed 1,000+ Senior Hires since 2014.

ProCapita’s executive headhunters specialise in finding top-tier senior talent for companies across all local industry sectors.

With a team of highly experienced executive search recruiters, ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia can quickly help a company attract and secure the best leadership talent possible, people that will drive corporate success and growth.

Their motto is Action and Results and they are C-Level Recruitment Specialists.

At the same time their professional network is the largest in the market – 450,000+ candidates – which allows them to help client companies Down to the Manger level.

ProCapita’s industry expertise, proven track record and commitment to client-candidate cultural alignment makes them an invaluable partner for any business that seeks to make a Key Hire of Value in Indonesia.

ProCapita offers Success Fee Only Executive Recruitment Services in Indonesia (Contingency).

2) Korn Ferry International

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm that offers executive search recruitment services, leadership development, and other talent management solutions.

Korn Ferry has been operating in Indonesia since the 1990’s.

They have a team of highly experienced executive recruiters who specialise across various industries and job functions.

Their Head Hunters come from professional corporate backgrounds and understand their industry of focus very well.

Korn Ferry offers Retained Only Executive Recruitment Services in Indonesia.

3) Egon Zehnder

Egon Zehnder is a global executive search firm that specialises in leadership advisory and executive recruitment services.

With a strong presence in the executive recruitment industry, Egon Zehnder is known for its expertise in identifying and developing top leadership talent for organisations across various sectors.

The firm offers tailored solutions to help companies find executives who not only possess the required skills and experience but also align well with an organisation’s culture and values.

With a commitment to excellence and a track record of successful placements, Egon Zehnder is a trusted partner for companies seeking to fill senior leadership positions with top-tier talent in Indonesia.

Egon Zehnder offers Retained Only Executive Recruitment Services in Indonesia.

Who Benefits from Using an Executive Recruitment Company?

Siapa yang Diuntungkan Menggunakan Perusahaan Rekrutmen Eksekutif?

Who benefits from an Executive recruitment company's recruitment services

Any company that must hire the best top-level executive talent possible will benefit from using the recruitment services of an executive recruitment company / perusahaan rekrutmen eksekutif.

Whether you’re a startup, an SME business, or a large corporation, an executive recruitment company can help you find the best, ideal, senior talent fit for your company’s needs.

Startups and Scale-ups

For startups and scale-ups, finding great leadership talent is critical to driving growth.

An executive recruitment company in Jakarta can help these companies find leaders who not only have the necessary experience but also the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Established Corporations

Large corporations benefit from the recruitment services of an executive recruitment company by finding leaders who can bring fresh perspectives and drive innovation.

They are experts at navigating the complexities of executive hiring for multinational organisations.



Using an executive recruitment company can provide many big benefits for any business that seeks to hire top-tier senior talent.

Through their recruitment services you will gain instant access to all the right people, which are typically happily employed passive candidates.

Their recruitment services save you a lot of time and resources and they offer start-to-finish best practice expertise for senior complex hiring.

When choosing an executive recruitment company in Indonesia, consider their industry expertise, reputation, track record, client testimonials and the nature of their services – how do they work to find the right fit for your organisation?

With the help of a top quality executive recruitment company in indonesia – or anywhere in the world – you can quickly find the perfect candidate for your executive job vacancy, someone that will help drive organisational success.

Their 3rd party recruitment services are invaluable – because they ensure you hire the best people possible and that means that your return on investment is exponential.

ProCapita – Indonesia Executive Recruitment Experts

ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia is the leading Executive Recruitment Company in Jakarta. We are your trusted partner for securing top-tier senior talent in Indonesia.

Having completed 1,000+ Headhunter Hires since 2014 and with an unmatched understanding of the local Indonesian market and a vast network of professional connections…

ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia excels at delivering tailored executive search recruitment solutions that align with the specific needs of any client.

Do You Need to Hire Senior Talent?

Please Contact ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia

Your Partner for Executive Recruitment Success

To learn more about our Executive Recruitment Services in Indonesia, how our executive headhunters can help your organisation to find, attract and secure top tier senior talent, please Contact ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia.

Senior Executive Search Recruiter shall respond shortly.

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James Umpleby, MD & Owner of ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia
James Umpleby, MD & Owner of ProCapita Headhunter Indonesia
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